Repetra C – short film

Short film (11’58“) based on the story of a cyber character called Repetra C.

The sacredness of an abandoned gym. The warden of the avatar
incubator. The First Digital Native. Guide, priest, guru. If one plus
zero equals infinity, then zero is infinity, he says. Everything is a
This is where Repetra’s reception manifests itself, happiness being
her imperative. To walk on water, to become fertile; fidelity as a
virtue. Safeguarding the imaginary knowledge of a religion called
internet. To never lie again, to birth a data-fluid daughter.
Transcending the binary system. The bird-priest wants to fly, fly to
the enlightenment (of a chilli pepper): to be devoured is the orgasm
of your life; the disco ball is reflecting the glow of a never-ending


REPETRA C film still1REPETRA C film still2REPETRA C film still4REPETRA C film still6REPETRA C film still7


Written, Produced and Directed by
Sonja Berta

Brian Dean Goff

Assistant Camera
Fabienne Koch

Location Sound and Sound Design
Raphael Jecker

Additional Cinematography
Sonja Berta

Andy Haueter
playing First Digital Native aka the Parrotman

Sonja Berta
playing Repetra C.

Markus Hofmann
playing the Kidnapped (left)

Patrick Rölli
playing the Kidnapped (right)

Anne Sommer
playing Lady in Red

Stella Stöckli
playing the Princess

‚SLZ‘ and ‚トニ‘ by
Lea Maria

Costumes and Styling
Sonja Berta

Image Post-Production
Sonja Berta

Sound Post-Production
Raphael Jecker

Special Thanks to
Pauline Boudry
Franziska Koch
Andy Haueter
AML AG Langenthal
Tommasini Lenzburg
Tim Fuchs
Stadt Lenzburg
Eine Berta-Stenfors
Anton Berta
Marco Berta
Vianne Houlmann
Saara Hirn-Stöckli
Andrea Achermann
Sigrid Wick
Marco Cina
Marcel Käser
Hotel Zeit und Traum
and to the whole crew!

With the Financial Support of
Kulturdünger Aargau


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